"Our mission is to deliver expert chiropractic care to as many patients as possible through a comprehensive Chiropractic program that alleviates pain, restores optimal health and provides patient education that encourages individuals to achieve the greatest level of personal health possible and inspires them to share the benefits of chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle with those around them."


Since 1994 we have been providing Chiropractic care for infants, children, teenagers and adults for physical symptoms related to a variety of conditions, many of which are listed below.

    • Lower Back Pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • Shoulder Injuries
    • Bulging & Herniated Discs
    • Pinched Nerves
    • Pregnancy (Pre and Post Natal Care)
    • Sciatica
    • Scoliosis
    • Plantar Fascitis
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Elbow, Wrist & Hand injuries
    • Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot injuries
    • Digestive symptoms
    • Vertigo and Tinnitus symptoms


In addition to providing manual Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities we also offer the following services in house:

  • In House Massage Therapist (Deep tissue & Myofascial Therapy)
  • Spinal Decompression (for neck and lower back disc issues)
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Ultrasound / EMS / Hot & Cold Therapy
  • On-Site Digital X-Ray
  • Stretching & Exercise Instruction
  • Nutritional Supplements (Tablet, Liquid. powder and Sublingual)
  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Lumbar Supports
  • Cervical Pillows
  • Rock Tape certified / Kineseotaping
  • Sports Nutrition Products
  • Graston Therapy

Yours in Health,

Dr. Allen Rydberg, D.C.
Dr. Dan Bilderback, D.C.